In the studio

Nothing tells it like it is - regarding your habits - as how things look first thing in the morning... Like when I walked downstairs into my kitchen and - yes - a sink full of dirty dishes. Wish I could say that they were from dinner last night (but I can't).

Walking into the studio this morning was a testament to how all over the place I am (and feel) - pebbles & rocks strewn over one table.... encaustic palette laying uncovered... and then I have spread over to my poor partner's table where my computer sat next to a small handmade loom (using paintbrushes) as well as some cording and a little tin of wax shavings. 

Whatever could all of these things add up to? I keep hoping that all of these explorations will somehow crossover and culminate into one huge discovery. But the reality is I know that I need to 1) clean up before I leave at night!; and 2) make sure I am scheduling enough focus on individual mediums in order to make some meaningful progress.

In the meantime...