XMAS plants

So, I decided to make some (other) gifts too. I  have this one plant that multiplies like crazy. It grows so it is popping right out of it's pot. I think it's an aloe plant of some kind? But my boyfriend is in disagreement...so if anyone can settle this...much appreciated.

I purchased some small (maybe a little too small...) ceramic pots at
China  Fair, some pebbles from the pet store (for drainage), and some ribbon...oh, also some moss from Allandale Farm (where we get our Christmas tree).

   I am hoping that they make it. They've only been potted about a week.
   The paperwhite is actually a bulb that I'd put with the dead plants/old
   empty pots and I found it growing again this year! The bulb had
   multiplied and one is blooming now.