MassArt Alumni Awards

In an effort to keep up with the posts—here is something that I wanted to share—that I worked on
this fall. This is one of 6 awards that I designed and produced for the Massachusetts College of Art
and Design. They are alumni awards that they give out annually. Every year they also choose an alum
to design them. It was a fun project in that I was able to produce a design that really wasn't influenced
by a client. But in order to produce it I worked with a woodworker (thanks Jamie!, a direct to substrate printer, a laser cutting company, and a friend
who has access to the Wentworth laser cutter (thanks Aaron!!!) there was a lot of room for error, miscommunication and a lot of figuring how to get what done when and deliver it to who.

But I did finish them—they look just about how I had intended—and I delivered them on time!!!

Award features DTS, laser-cut acrylic and laser-etched, reclaimed wood.