First "real" post

This is an old drawing I've had in my sketchbook—hope the cousins like it!
Okay, so I will be playing a lot of catching up here—and jumping around to show some things I've worked on over the last year or so.

But today I am working on screenprinting t-shirts for my cousins' Christmas presents.

This is only my second time attempting this—the first time in a class I took a month or so ago with Dan MacDonald:

This is also my first time blogging about my work—which, if you haven't ever done something like this, let me tell you—it is an experience in itself. For example, I am already thinking about what I might write and how I might write about something that I am doing, while I am doing it...and starting to have this constant narration in my head while I am working. This, I hope, will pass...because it can be pretty distracting.