Amy Wilder Files studied graphic design at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design.

As a designer, her expertise lies in 3-dimensional graphics (architectural signage, large scale graphics, and wayfinding). She first became attracted to this area of design through the exploration of her interest in multi-dimensionality and the play between 2-d graphics and the line that is crossed when they are applied to 3-dimensional elements and the environment. 

Encaustic—a mixture of beeswax and resin—has the unique ability to fuse craft, fine art and design. Amy finds that working with encaustics allows her to continue to explore this realm of dimensionality—having the freedom to create depth through layering, use of mixed media, and through actual sculptural form.

Amy works as both a graphic designer and fine-artist. Current works include encaustic paintings, jewelry design, fiber art, and large-scale sculptural pieces.